Recovering useful and valuable PVC from end of life windows

In view of sustainable innovation Reduce-Reuse-Recycle all products are currently under the “the lens of the life cycle”, more commonly known as "Life Cycle Assessment" or LCA, the methodology for evaluating the energy and environmental loads associated with a product or a process throughout the life cycle. That is why we decided to use together with the virgin material is added the regenerated and recycled “certified safe formula grain". We maintain the mechanical performance in eco-friendly vision with GER and GWP values ​.

Recycling solutions

IPA promotes a responsible and sustainable use of PVC intorducing and using over the years an increasing percentage of recycled pvc coming from old windows. The visible surfaces are covered with a thin layer of new PVC material using modern co-extrusion methods. To the standard extrusion process is added from 30 to 80 % of recycled PVC.
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The ecological conformity label "Plastica Seconda Vita"

The certificate of conformity guarantees the quality of our profiles produced with recycled PVC. all recycled pvc is checked before being introduced into the production process with initial tests on raw materials, according to the UNI standard which classifies raw-secondary plastic materials.
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