Custom made and personalized formulations

We are able to produce and stock very different formulations and colours with fast delivery times. PVC granulators and a PVC turbo mixers guarantee a big range of personalization of the same product. All our compounds and dry blends do not contain cadmium derived and plasticizing D.O.P. type; They are produced in accordance with the Community Regulation “REACH”. According to ISO 14000 certification and to communitarian directives, IPA formulations and products are completely free from Barium, Cadmium, Lead and Toxic Heavy Metals; only light metals Calcium-Zinc mixture compound stabilizers are employed.

Passionate about quality

We produce in compliance with European mantain high technical material characteristics to ensure long lasting performances in terms of resistance to UV rays, impact strenght and degradation.
UNI norms are law for us .
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Material characteristics

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